These books are aimed at competent lawyers who are looking to give a new boost to their law firm or to their own personal brand, to attract and win over the type of clients to whom they can provide an excellent service due to their preparation and expertise.

The Lawyer’s Personal Brand (Wolters Kluwer)


By reading The Lawyer’s Personal Brand: Boost your professional career, lawyers will know how to achieve their professional goals more easily.

The book explains what lawyers can do to find the best version of themselves and stand out in a positive way in the market, get the kind of clients they want to have and improve their position in the law firm, among other things.

It is a unique book about the lawyer’s personal brand. Enjoy it!


Presentation by Luis Javier Sánchez, legal journalist

The Lawyer’s Personal Brand is an in-depth study by Francesc Dominguez, a legal marketing and personal branding consultant who is an expert in lawyers’ concerns the world round. (…)

I could not agree more with Francesc when he points out that “becoming a lawyer of reference is the best thing you can do in your legal career in order to have a more satisfactory and rewarding professional life. It is not an easy task but being a good lawyer and a person of integrity makes it much easier to accomplish.” (…)

The book’s brilliant approach that resonates with any reader, and its underlining message is destined to be a book of reference for lawyers who wish to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Legal Marketing: From a competent law firm to a competitive one: How to achieve it (Difusión Jurídica & ISDE)


There are numerous competent law firms made up of professionals who devote enormous effort to their training, client service and on-going improvement. However, most of these firms fail to become more competitive or a reference in their market, despite having developed their clients’ trust and a positive brand with competent honest professionals.

This book answers a key question: how to have a law firm that is not only competent but also more competitive on a local, regional, national and international level. You will find solutions to overcome an invisible but existing barrier, the obstacle to your firm’s competitiveness in the market or, perhaps, to your own competitiveness as a professional.

The book is aimed at partners and professionals of all law firm sizes, sectors and specialities. Enjoy it.