Commercial skills for lawyers

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Law firm partners are not usually experts in the hiring process, that is, in how to “help” potential clients choose their firm’s services. Perhaps that is because historically they have tended to underestimate sales, focusing instead almost exclusively on “taking care of business”. Indeed, the legal industry does not require “selling” so much as “helping to hire”.

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The lawyer’s personal brand

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He who has a brand has a treasure. Our personal brand is the perception, impression or mark that we leave on others. It is our reputation. Everyone has a personal brand, but few people have a strong personal brand. Therefore, and more precisely: he who has a strong brand has a treasure.

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Keys of legal marketing

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It is best to think before acting. This is especially true when it comes to legal marketing, which should enhance our capacity to distinguish ourselves and gain the market’s trust, in addition to attracting clients and building client loyalty.

There are two key questions in legal marketing: what is the current or potential client really hiring? and how can we go from being a competent firm to being a competitive one?

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