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Personal branding involves knowing yourself and being aware of how others perceive you to know who you are, who you want to be and what you should improve and avoid doing.

It involves managing the credibility you have in the market, your reputation. That is, escaping from the “symbolic prison” in which lawyers who do not manage their positioning in the market are trapped. Everything depends on your social perception, which is why it is so surprising that the vast majority don’t manage or care for it, don’t defend it with the utmost and constant care.

How can you create a name for yourself? To create a reputation you must focus and work on a prominent feature, a valuable quality that differentiates you from others and make it known to as many people as possible, through a personal branding strategy and effective communication.

People are usually careful with the image they project. That is, although many lawyers dislike marketing, this is usually due to ignorance, because everyone cares about showing their best face —their best image in the professional field. Indeed, we all do personal marketing, some better and some worse, some using a method and some without.

If you are a competent lawyer, the smartest thing you can do in your professional life is to become the leading expert in a particular area of knowledge, regardless of the size or location of your firm.

We discussed this exciting topic, key for your professional career, in the webinar “The Lawyer’s personal brand”, organized by The Impact Lawyers.  

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