After reading Francesc Dominguez's The Lawyer's Personal Brand, I had the opportunity to work with him personally to delve into, develop and supplement the contents of his work in my own personal brand. Francesc is a reference in everything related to a lawyer's personal branding and in legal marketing. His extensive professional experience enables lawyers to develop the vision and skills required to incorporate their own personal brand into the brand of the firm where they work. The solid knowledge Francesc conveys and his focus on results are thoroughly aligned with his humanistic approach and his exquisite manners. It was a wise decision to have put myself in his hands.

(Partner at Cuatrecasas, Barcelona)

I have been working closely with Francesc Dominguez on our projects for the USA and LATAM Markets. Francesc is a committed professional and always involved in all parts of the process. Francesc has a deep knowledge of the legal marketing field. He is also a great person who is always willing to help by providing expert advice.

(Ricardo Rojas-Gaona, lawyer, Entra Consulting, Miami)

My recent experience with Francesc Dominguez is being awesome. I highly recommend his services, which will highlight tips and performances in your work and life, to reach higher goals in our changing environment.

(Oliver Dreher, lawyer, Tenerife, Canary Islands)

Francesc Dominguez is a great legal marketing consultant. As Antonio Gaudí did in architecture, Francesc accurately and effectively combines action with reflection. His book “Legal Marketing: from a competent law firm to a competitive one. How to achieve it" invites us to a reflective thinking based on some wise and pragmatic conclusions that the author exposes in a precise and concrete language; and that language is the most valuable for lawyers. The way Francesc allows the reader to obtain a right method to put into practice the outstanding know how he shares with all of us.

(Jordi Pintó, President of ISDE’s Governing Council)

I have known Francesc Dominguez for many years. Francesc is intelligent, kind, and understanding, he knows how to get to know people, which is undoubtedly a valuable trait for his work. Professionally, Francesc has a deep knowledge of the market and the ability to identify a lawyer's strengths and areas of improvement. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

(Jaime Díaz de Bustamante, partner at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, Madrid)

It has been a pleasure to work with Francesc Dominguez. He has provided us with the tools to enhance our personal brands and the image of our law firm. He has taught us to understand ourselves better as professionals and to identify what clients are seeking and expecting from our firm. It has been a magnificent experience.

(Francesc Badia Gomis, Managing Partner of Badia Advocats, Andorra)

Francesc Dominguez is a brilliant and empathetic professional with excellent interpersonal skills, and a quick and strong analytical ability to understand people. Working with him has been a pleasure and his esteemed guidance has resulted in significant changes in the management of the firm's brand, as well as in the professional and personal skills and potential of each of our professionals.

(Sílvia Gabarró, Managing Partner of GM Tax Consultancy, Barcelona

I am truly satisfied with the training I received from Francesc Dominguez. We spent several months discussing very interesting issues, and his approach was both engaging and highly professional. His specific training in legal marketing and personal branding for lawyers is quite unique. If you are a lawyer thinking of addressing these issues, you should turn to Francesc.

(Andrés Gil Sanchis, labour lawyer, Valencia)

I have had the privilege to strengthen my personal brand thanks to the services of Francesc Dominguez. It has been a highly rewarding and esteemed professional experience for me as a criminal lawyer, and for my firm. He has helped me improve both my personal and professional day-to-day. Thank you very much, Francesc.

(Mª José López Martínez, criminal lawyer, Valencia)

We have had the pleasure of using Francesc Dominguez's services. His contributions have provided exceptional added value to our firm as a result of his deep and solid understanding of legal marketing and personal branding. Francesc is an excellent travel companion and his services come highly recommended for any professional looking for a broader insight on their business beyond what sales instincts or professional training can do.

(Javier Jareño, founding partner of Lawe Abogados, Barcelona)

I must express my gratitude to Francesc Dominguez for what he has taught me and my team. Francesc is always affable and offers clear ideas and practical advice on legal marketing, law firm marketing and personal branding. Thanks to him, we have learned the importance of applying his advice to our work to retain existing clients and generate new ones. (Rafael Ruiz, tax advisor, managing partner of Castellana Consultores, Madrid)

(Rafael Ruiz, tax advisor, managing partner of Castellana Consultores, Madrid)

I am very grateful for the advice that Francesc Dominguez has provided us to strengthen my personal brand and that of my firm, and for his guidance on marketing matters—an area in which law firms frequently fall behind. He helped us gain access to the national media which was crucial in showcasing some of our success stories. To say it simply, Francesc is a top-notch professional and an even better person. I can highly recommend him to reinforce lawyers’ personal brand.

(Manuel Rodríguez Mondelo, lawyer and founding partner of Beta Legal, Sabadell)

We have had the opportunity of witnessing the work of Francesc Dominguez as an expert in legal marketing on several occasions. He has also been of great assistance to our firm. His expertise as a legal marketing consultant is an invaluable asset to all law firms.

(Mercedes Gonzalo, partner at Lurislocalia Consultores, Madrid)

We have been working with Francesc Dominguez since legal marketing was a novelty in law firms, and even then, he was already an expert. His work has always been professional, innovative, and tailored to our needs, which has led to excellent results.

(Julio Mendo, Partner at Mendo & Callao Legal, Zaragoza)

Francesc Dominguez is an outstanding professional and a highly reliable person. He provides clients with certainty and helps them chart the right path. He is easy to work with and an excellent strategist.  I highly recommend him both on a professional and personal level. (Luis del Riego, Queipo & Riego Abogados, Oviedo)

(Luis del Riego, Queipo & Riego Abogados, Oviedo)

Francesc Dominguez's book "Legal Marketing: from a competent law firm to a competitive one. How to achieve it" is a real gem, on par with management books published in English.  I highly recommend it.

(Laura Lleyda, Senior Partner, Lleyda Abogados, Barcelona and Zaragoza)

I couldn't be more grateful for his book "Legal Marketing: from a competent law firm to a competitive one. How to achieve it." I found it engaging and entertaining, completely different from what I had read so far on the subject, as it allowed me to explore key issues as a lawyer wanting to stand out. This book should be mandatory reading in every law firm and university, as it is indispensable for any professional, both established and new to the adventure of the legal profession.

(Carlos Gutiérrez, partner at Broseta, Madrid)

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